Are you looking for a water tank?

You’ve come to the right place. We have a large range of water tanks to suit your needs.


Our unique designs make the tanks super strong and UV-resistant, for greater durability.


Our Product is manufactured using food-grade polyethylene and the latest rotational moulding technology.

Value for Money

We’ve made Polytanks cost-effective, so it’s suitable for every budget and a long lasting solution

Proudly Kenyan

Engineered by Kenyans to fulfill water storage needs in Kenya.

Our Mission

Ensure Superior quality water tanks, cater to all user segments, Ensure easy availability through wide range of dealer networks and provide impeccable customer support.

Our Vision

We are committed to be the safest, most cost effective, reliable and customer focused supplier in the markets we serve.

Our Promise

Follow global quality standards, design water tanks for durability and provide value for money.

Innovative Water Storage Solutions


Each of our products is a unique combination of 4 important features:
  1. Manufactured from 100% virgin material
  2. Extra strength and durability due to absence of any joints.
  3. Available in various colors of your choice.
  4. Application of advanced technology in the manufacturing process